The City of Treasure Island, used Penny funds to improve its Information Technology infrastructure. In FY 2010, we purchased our first Vertical Server.  This allowed us to consolidated 7 physical servers into one Vertical Server with 2 physical host. This also increased our server capacity to all the addition of the new CRM/Finance system.

The City has a fiber-optic plant that connects all of the buildings in the City Hall complex.  The initial fiber plant was installed in 1998. Since that time, there has been changes in the IT network/server location, changes in the Public Works Administration Building and the Fire/Police Build.

In 2003, we moved and centralized the City’s servers and other network equipment to a ‘server room’ in the Police Department building.

This project installed or modified fiber-optic cable to a proper configuration, to meet the changes in the server locations and the changes to the buildings. In addition, we extended the fiber-optic plant to include the Pump House.

FY 2010, we purchased a CRM (Customer Resource Management) system, which is an extension to our Financial System.  This system provides the communications for the Finance system to integrate with other system modules. This system is required for future upgrades to our Finance system, Work Order system and Building/Code/Permit/Business License systems.

FY 2013, we upgrade our Finance system from Tyler Technologies, Encode to Tyler Technologies V.x. This upgrade included the Work Order module.